Namibia St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Oil Seeds And Pulses DAT International Trading exports agricultural products, mainly organic coffees, oilseeds, and pulses from Ethiopia. Our Services Ethiopia The Origin Of Coffee We have been working in the coffee industry for several years as a family-based business. Our Services Pharmaceutical Products Since its inception, DAT imports pharmaceuticals contributing to the national healthcare system through availing quality and affordable essential medicines. Our Services Medical Equipment Trusted Suppliers of Medical Equipment in Ethiopia. DAT offers an extensive range of healthcare products and services through various business units. Our Services Veterinary products We have been the core importer and distributor of veterinary Ethiopian pastoralists and farmers. Our Services

DAT International Trading PLC is a family-owned company established in 2003.

Since its conception, DAT imports pharmaceuticals contributing to the national healthcare system through availing quality and affordable essential medicines and then expanded to medical devices, Agrochemicals, and many more.
DAT is founded by Dr. Tenaye Lakew and Mrs. Ayehush Asres, visionary and professional shareholders. The name DAT stands for the name of the first 3 family members (D= Dawit, 1st son, A= Ayehush, wife, and T= Tenaye, husband).
Over the years, we have built up a reputation for reliability and empathy with our customers.  As a result, we learned that the reason behind our success is not only our dedication but also our consistent commitment to quality and our loyal customers.  Learn more


We have explored and diversified our business by introducing new business.


We import products such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, and Agro-Chemicals…


We export products such as sesame, cereals, green mug, coffee…etc,


We manufacture products such as Granite, organic fertilizers, Glass bottle mfg, and more.


Apart from our other business we also play a major part in the real estate and construction industry.

Here are some of our agrecaltural product that we export.

Customer Service

We have been proving our services for over 19 years in the market.


Building a good customer relationship does not happen by accident rather it happens by design. Customer success is an integral part of the success of our company and hence we strive to help our customers succeed by solving problems.
We focus on our wholesale customers and intern our wholesalers will reach the retail outlets to avail our products to the end-users. Learn more

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